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First pictures of Daniel Craig as Bond?
These pictures are claimed to be of Daniel Craig in Prague, during the filming of Casino Royale.


James Bond Island for sale
The longtime retreat of late James Bond author Ian Fleming, Goat Island, has just come on the market for $8 million.


Original James Bond Aston Martin DB5 auctioned for $2.1 million
A Swiss businessman has bought the Aston Martin spy car from the James Bond movies Thunderball and Goldfinger for $2,090,000.


Daniel Craig will drive an Aston Martin DBS in Casino Royale
Contrary to previous rumours about the Aston martin V8 Vantage being Bond's method of transportation in Casino Royale, Ford Motor Company has announced that the new car will in fact be a new Aston Martin model, the DBS.


Omega De Ville watch added to Omega James Bond Selection
Omega has added the De Ville Co-Axial Power Reserve watch to the James Bond Selection on the official Omega website. Will this be the new Bond watch? James Bond Lifestyle will keep you informed.


Texas Hold'em in Casino Royale
Spoiler: The centerpiece card game in Casino Royale will not be Baccarat as in the Ian Fleming novel, but will instead be poker. In particular, no-limit Texas Hold'em poker.


Boats of Bond at the NY Boat Show
Calling all Bond fans! The New York National Boat Show, which will take place Dec. 31-Jan. 8 at New York City's Javits Center, is giving attendees the chance to see five authentic super spy vessels straight out of 007 films.


Three Reputed Members of the "James Bond Gang" arrested by FBI
"...gang used customized BMW for getaways..."

[20-11-2005] release dates!

Sony announced the official Casino Royale release dates
See a list of all the countries and dates in our Agenda.

[12-11-2005] HOT!

The original James Bond 1964 Aston Martin DB5 on auction!
RM Auctions offers the one and only James Bond DB5 on behalf of the Smoky Mountain Car Museum.


James Bond 007 on a Special Mission to Quebec City in February 2006
On February 24, 25 and 26, 2006, Quebec City will be spellbound by "Vue sur Bond 007", an unprecedented event that will feature Sir Roger Moore and a host of celebrities and artists who were involved in the filmography of the famous British secret agent.

[21-10-2005] updated

Daniel Craig has been chosen as the new James Bond -- do you approve?
Is Daniel Craig the right choice for portraying James Bond in Casino Royale? Internet Polls by IMDb, Time and MSNBC suggest he's not...


Proud mom reveals new Bond's identity
Attempts to keep secret the identity of the latest actor to play British super-spy James Bond until Friday appears to have failed after his mother blabbed the news to a local newspaper in northern England.


Daniel Craig cast as James Bond in Casino Royale
DANIEL CRAIG has been cast in the role of the legendary British secret agent, James Bond, in the highly anticipated 007 adventure thriller CASINO ROYALE

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[17-11-2005] iol.co.za

Bond fans shaken and stirred by auction
Nothing says "glamour" like 007, and London auction house Bonhams is banking on Bond, James Bond, to fetch quintuple-0 figures at an auction of film memorabilia on Wednesday.

[15-11-2005] Sky Showbizz

Pierce: 007 Rant
Pierce Brosnan is not handing over James Bond's tux without a few choice words. The actor launched a four-letter tirade against the bosses who dropped him in favour of Layer Cake star Daniel Craig.

[14-11-2005] Telegraph

Kissing goodbye to James Bond
Actress Samantha Bond talks to Dominic Cavendish about her famous snog, as Miss Moneypenny, with Pierce Brosnan's 007 - and the more serious kiss at the heart of her new stage role.

[14-11-2005] MSNBC

The new blond Bond isn't shaken by the role
Daniel Craig talks with 'Today' show host Katie Couric about filling the famous film spy's shoes

[13-11-2005] Sun Media

Bond lots of fun, but ...
Retro sequel to last year's 007 game does have lots of little innovations

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